Waiting on God
"Be Still," He says, "and know that I am God."
But when I wait for Him to move,
While He answers my prayer,
I think of what He said to me.
What does it mean to be still,
When all around the world spins by.
I think He means for me to stop
My interfering with His ways;
For every time I end up here,
I always come closer to where He wants me,
Even though I do not move a step.

The Cup
Downward spiral,
Sinking lower,
Pulling me down.
Light dimming,
Darkness growing,
Sorrow looming
Like a dark cloud.
"Must I drink this cup?
Father, let this cup pass from me,
for I am sorrowful to near death.
But let Thy will be done."

Ard Righ
Ard Righ,
High King Of Heaven,
All Glory to Your Name!
You have reached out
And picked me up when I had fallen.
You have shielded me
Beneath Your almighty wings!
You have shined Your Light
In the Darkness of my life,
And Your Word is my guide.
Your Holy Spirit has filled me
Again and again, and comforts me even now.
All praise the High King.

1999-2002, Harley Smith, Jr., Last Updated September 3, 2008